35BYJ46 permanent magnet stepper motor 35mm stepper motor with gearbox

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Model No.:35BYJ46

Motor type: Permanent magnet gearbox stepper motor
Step angle: 7.5°/851-2phase15°/85 (2-2phase)
Motor size: 35mm
Motor material: ROHS
Gear ratio options: 25:1, 30:1, 41.6:1, 43.75:1, 85:1
Minimum order quantity: 1unit

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The 35BYJ46 is a 35 mm diameter permanent magnet motor with gears.
The motor has a gear ratio of 1/85 and is our standard single pole 4 phase stepper motor with an 85 gear ratio gearbox on top, so the step angle is 7.5°/85.
Gearbox gear ratios of 25:1, 30:1, 41.6:1, 43.75:1 are also available for customers to choose from.
The motor is suitable for 12V DC drive. 24V voltage is also available.
This stepper motor has been widely used in all industries due to its cheap price and reliable performance, and is produced in large quantities every year.
The constant production makes the quality of this motor very stable and the price is lower than other motors.
Common PM unipolar stepper motor drivers are able to drive this motor.
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us.



Voltage (V) Resistance(Ω) Pull-in torque 100PPS(mN*m) Detent torque(mN*m) Unload pull-in Frequency(PPS)






















Design drawing:Output shaft customizable


Customizable ltems

Gear ratio,
Gear ratio,
Gear material,
Output shaft,
Motor’s cap design customizable

About the basic structure of PM stepper motor


Features & Advantage

1. High precision positioning
Since steppers move in precise repeatable steps, they excel in applications requiring precise
positioning, by the number of steps the motor moves
2. High Precision speed control
Precise increments of movement also allow for excellent control of rotational speed for process
automation and robotics. The rotational speed is determined by the frequency of the pulses.
3. Pause and holding function
With control of the drive, the motor has lock function (there is current through motor windings, but
the motor does not rotate), and there is still a holding torque output.
4. Long life & low electromagnetic interference
The stepper motor has no brushes, and does not need to be commutated by brushes like a brushed
DC motor. There is no friction of the brushes, which increases the service life, has no electric sparks, and reduces electromagnetic interference.

Application of PM stepper motor

Textile machinery,
Industrial control,
sanitary ware,
thermostatic valve,
hot water faucets,
Automatic adjustment of water temperature
Door locks
Air conditioning
Water purifier valve, etc.


Working principle of stepper motor

The drive of the stepper motor is controlled by software. When the motor needs to rotate, drive will
apply the stepper motor pulses. These pulses energize stepper motor's in a specified order, thereby
causing the motor's rotor to rotate in a specified direction (clockwise or counter clockwise). So as to
realize proper rotation of the motor. Each time the motor receives a pulse from the driver, it will rotate by a step angle (with full-step drive), and the rotation angle of the motor is determined by the number of driven pulses and step angle.

Lead Time

If we have samples in stock, we can ship out samples in 3 days.
If we do not have samples in stock, we need to produce them, production time is about 20 calendar days.
For mass production, lead time depends on order quantity.


Samples are packed in foam sponge with a paper box, shipped by express

Mass production, motors are packed in corrugated cartons with transparent film outside. (shipping by air)

If shipped by sea, product will be packed on pallets


Payment method and payment terms

For samples, in general we accept Paypal or alibaba.
For mass production, we accept T/T payment.

For samples, we collect full payment before production.
For mass production, we can accept 50% pre-payment before production, and collect the rest 50% payment before shipment.
After we cooperate order more than 6 times, we could negotiate other payment terms such as A/S (after sight)

Frequently Asked Question

1.Causes and solutions for stepper motors that complete acceleration but stop rotating when they reach a stable speed.
Cause: The stepper motor is running at its capacity limit and stops due to excessive acceleration. The rotor vibrates and runs unstably.
① Reduce acceleration, i.e. choose a lower acceleration or use two different acceleration levels, higher at the beginning and lower near the maximum speed.
②Increase the torque
③Add a mechanical damper to the rear shaft, but this increases the rotor inertia
④Take a subdivision drive

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